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So Much To Do, So Little Time!

It’s tough being a kid today amidst life’s many digital distractions, not to mention the deep pressure to be engaged, productive, and to fit in. 

And, as caregivers and educators, many of us are tasked with doing more for our kids, with less available resources.

Yoga and mindfulness activities can offer a low-cost, high-benefit solution assisting the kids in your life in a gaggle of ways including...


Strong, Flexible, Balanced Bodies

Yoga promotes strong, flexible bodies that are better able to digest food, maintain a healthy weight, support joints, and breathe.

Simultaneous to becoming more able-bodied and mobile, yoga helps kids with balance, in turn improving their attention, concentration, and focusing skills.


Awareness Of Self, Others & Environment

Movement coupled with deep breathing helps kids connect to themselves, others, and the space they’re in. This non-competitive body-awareness can boost self-expression, ultimately helping to build confidence and inner peace.


Breath Awareness

We can become both energized or relaxed through our breath, and as kids become mindful of their breathing, they’re better able to focus, while decreasing stress and releasing healthy hormones.


Slowing & Settling

Relaxing our bodies and minds is not easy, and yoga provides our kids space to pause and be still – A skill we all need to develop the resilience needed to handle life’s many hurdles.

As our kids develop physical strength along with the skills to self-regulate, to focus, and to see the good in themselves and their peers, they’ll become more optimistic about today, and their potential for tomorrow.